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For over 80 years United Industries’ tubing has been ideal for applications that call for laser welding.

United Industries has been perfecting its laser welding capabilities since 1992. We use a fourth generation laser process that has set the standard for laser welded stainless steel tubing. Laser welds are superior to TIG welds in the following ways: they offer less potential for corrosion in weld area, full finished tube appearance, and superior performance.

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Industries We Proudly Serve


United Industries has over 80 years of experience producing both ferritic-grade and Austenitic-grade stainless steel tubing for automotive industry applications.

Food & Beverage

Wisconsin and the dairy industry are synonymous and United Industries has been involved since the beginning of the modern sanitary and dairy industry.


United Industries has been supplying the highest quality tubing for over 80 years. Our ASTM A270 tubing meets the demands of the stringent environments in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.


The use of ferritic stainless steel has made the high efficiency furnace a reality.


Our ornamental products are produced for a wide range of applications including tubing for mirror bracket arms, boat rails and ladders, washroom grab bars, swim pool rail goods, medical equipment, automotive step bars and grille guards, among many others.

Heat Exchanger

Tubing for heat exchanger applications must meet very critical criteria – straightness over 60 foot lengths, weld integrity, roundness and even I.D. polished surface with superb weld transition.


We have been dedicated to our customers by meeting and exceeding, their stainless steel tubing needs.

The employees of UNITED INDUSTRIES, INC. & UNITED STAINLESS, INC. are committed to meeting customer requirements. We will be guided by our Quality Objectives in our effort to improve our products and services.

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