Stainless Steel HVAC

Tubing for HVAC Systems

The use of ferritic stainless steel has made the high efficiency furnace a reality.

United Industries is a supplier to the leading USA furnace manufacturers and has amassed the knowledge of production and the in line capabilities to supply these very critical components for residential and commercial use furnaces.


United Industries purchases stainless steel against very specific material standards as wide coil from very well known and leading domestic stainless steel producers.

All tubing is produced in a continuous in line cellular manufacturing process, which allows for instant correction of any type of defect and avoids handling damage.

All tubing is 100% laser welded. Dedicated tooling assures form, fit and function of the tubing. The in line annealing process tailors the tube to the individual requirements of each customer, e.g. different levels of mechanical values.

All tubing is in line eddy current tested – operators are certified to level 1. Tubing is also marked for identification.

The JIT manufacturing ends with in line cutting to specific lengths, deburring and customized packaging.

Product Delivery

United Industries’ just in time (JIT) manufacturing process, combined with in-line capabilities allows for very fast turn-around to meet current ever shortening delivery demands.

A variety of delivery patterns – daily or weekly – and specialized methods are part of our customer service.


Mechanical testing exceeds the requirements of the relevant ASTM specification.

The range of testing is tailored to the customer specification and outlined in the manufacturing control plan within the QS9000 system. Special gauging to ensure compliance with fit-to-use requirements are developed and continuous eddy current testing assures weld integrity.

Weld integrity and weld transition are constantly monitored to check compliance to the specification.

Adherence to customer specifications is monitored by qualified operators who conduct destructive testing at specific intervals during the in line process.

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