BPE Tubing

ASME BPE Certificate #BPE-101

United Industries has been supplying the highest quality tubing for over 80 years.

ASTM A270 tubing meets the demands of the stringent environments in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Some applications are extremely sensitive and require the highest level of purity. Others have less rigorous standards.

We are now offering two options for BPE tubing that meet SF1 requirements.

  • BPE Ultra-Pure: For your most critical applications, ready for electropolishing.
  • BPE Pure: Cost-effective alternative when electropolishing is not required.

Made in America with 100% USA steel, you can be assured of the highest quality with either option.

Size Range

1/2″ – 8″


A270-S2 ASME BPE SF1 (Mechanical Polish) 20 Ra max. (0.5um) ID, 32 Ra max. (.08um) OD

A270-S2 ASME BPE SF4 (Electropolish) 15 Ra max. (.38um) ID, 32 Ra max. (.08um) OD


All polished tubing meet or exceed A270, 3A, A270-S2. ISO/TS 16959:2009 Registered Quality Management System. MTRs are shipped with all tubing. ASME-BPE Certified: Certificate # 101

Laser-Welded Tubing For Maximum Performance

Since demanding applications require the highest quality tubing, United Industries has been perfecting its laser welding capabilities since 1992, using a high-energy density process. Our 100% laser welded tubing has:

  • Less potential for corrosion in the weld area
  • Full finished tube appearance
  • Superior performance

ASTM Chemical Composition Requirements (Max.)

(C) Carbon, max0.030
(Mn) Manganese, max.2.000
(P) Phosphorus, max0.045
(S) Sulphur, max0.030
(S) Sulphur, A270-S20.005-.017
(Si) Silicon, max0.750
(Ni) Nickel10.0-14.0
(Cr) Chromium16.0-18.0
(Mo) Molybdenum2.0-3.0




  • ASTM SA249 Boiler / Heat Exchanger
  • ASTM A268 Ferritic
  • ASTM A269 General Services
  • ASTM A270 Sanitary / Pharmaceutical
  • ASTM A554 Ornamental


  • 1″ – 60′


  • Stainless 301 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 309, 309S, 310, 321, 12SR/408CB, 18SR. 18CB/441, 29-4C, 317, 317L
  • Stainless 405, 409, 410, 430, 439
  • Super Alloys


  • 1/2″ – 8″
  • .019″ – .145″ wall

Surface Finish

  • Mechanical Polish 20 Ra / 32 Ra
  • Electro Polish 15 Ra / 10 Ra
  • Hydrogen Bright Annealing (H-BA)

Plant Facilities

  • Over 130,000 Sq. Ft. (Selmer, TN)
  • 6 laser mills
  • Inline induction annealing and H-BA
  • Tube cutting facility


  • Square pack, scored cardboard, tri-wall box, paper/poly sleeve, interleave, interweave, cardboard tubes, hex pack, bulk skids, customer returnables
  • Export packaging available

Quality Assurance / Testing

  • Quality Management System
  • Inline Eddy Current
  • Expansion
  • Flatten
  • Tension
  • Rockwell
  • Metallurgical
  • Dimensional
  • Bend
  • Flare
  • Reverse Bend
  • Flange
  • Surface Roughness
  • Surface Passivity
  • Others Upon Request

Finished Inventory

  • Sanitary and H-BA 1″– 8″, 304L and 316L

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